Todd's Tool Shed - is open for business (actually it's free)?

Looking at doing some jobs around your house and haven't got the tools you need?

If you are on my client list and you get my mail your in luck!!

I've got all sorts of stuff you can borrow;

- Chain saw, weed eater, all sorts of power tools and hand tools, wheel barrow, spades, shovels, rakes, crow bars, pinch bars, hammers; big ones little ones and middle size ones :-)

- Water blaster - not a toy one a nice size petrol powered one to make short work of the big jobs.

- Paint brushes, ladders (really really tall ones).

- Safety harness, in case you need to be somewhere high (get your life insurance sorted out first though :-)

 - Other stuff too, I've even got this really awesome post rammer, you have to be strong because it weighs about 30kg but it make light work of small posts like fence posts (no concrete required).

- Plumbers buteline crimp tool.

- Moisture meter, just in case you think you have a leak in your house. (Best to have this checked by a professional but you can always do a little initial checking if you wanted).

If you have lots of digging to do, did you know you can hire a small digger on a trailer for about $350 for the day, I've hired one heaps and it sure make life easy, its great for lifting things too.

Just give me a call or send me a message to see if I have what you need.

Thanks for visiting. I look forward to hearing from you
If I'm free I might even be able to give you a hand :-).

Todd Yelavich - Licensed salesperson (handy man too) - ph. 027 444 6637


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Let me know here what you need to borrow, hopefully I will have it available :-)