Auckland Council District Plans

A district plan contains guidance and rules about how you can use and develop your land. In Auckland, the existing district plans will continue to apply to their former districts until a new Auckland Council unitary plan is developed.

- Follow this link to the Current Auckland Council District Plan

The Proposed Auckland Council Unitary Plan

 The Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan. The Unitary Plan will be Auckland’s planning ‘rule book’, setting out where and how our city grows in the future. This rule book is the next step in bringing Auckland together. It will replace former regional and district plans with one document focused on delivering the vision of the Auckland Plan, to make this world’s most liveable city. The Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan (September 2013) will offer a simpler, more consistent set of rules that apply Auckland-wide. These draft rules are now available to everyone, from homeowners to developers, in one user-friendly, online e-plan.

- Follow this link to the Proposed Unitary Plan.

- Follow this link to the Proposed Unitary Plan - Planning inquiry page

- Follow this link to the Proposed Unitary Plan - GIS Map viewer